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VIRTEK COMPANY is Your Single Stop, Single Source Solution when needing a qualified and certified DVBE/DBE/MBE firm when the task requires diversity and small business goals for DVBE/DBE/MBE/SBE/CPUC and SBE business on complex federal, state and local agency funded projects. Our goal is to build strategic alliances with major corporations and, other small business enterprises desiring to secure contracts with federal, state, and local governments when proposed projects require a certified business firm. We believe our success has been achieved by ensuring our clients have cost effective technical excellence on every project. To this end, VIRTEK Company was a finalist as Small Business, Disabled Veteran and Minority business of the year. VIRTEK Company was also selected for AT&T’s prestigious “Hand Salute” program.



Beginning In 1999, VIRTEK Company has become a progressive, professional certified SDVOSB, DBE, DVBE, SBE, CPUC and MBE business which has established a solid reputation with governmental agencies and large engineering and construction management corporations such as Hill International, Kitchell Construction, AECOM, Skanska Group, Sener Group and Ch2MHill as the “Single Stop” and “Single Source Solution” certified small business that provides:

  • Engineering support
  • Environmental Oversight (CEQA/NEPA)
  • Aerial and Land Surveying
  • Transportation and Traffic Planning,
  • IT Management for Telecommunications and Transportation, and
  • Public Outreach for large infrastructure projects that impact Minority/Social Economic communities

Most DVBE or DBE perform construction, trucking or sell commodities like computers. VIRTEK Company is the only qualified firm that performs real sophisticated engineering support/environmental/transportation and land use planning related services.

There are 1800 DVBE firms in California alone. Less than 1% are qualified or have the project work experience of VIRTEK Company. The majority of DVBE firms perform construction, trucking, printing, or sell commodities like pencil or computers. VIRTEK Company is the only qualified DVBE/DBE/CPUC/MBE qualified firm that performs real project delivery services such as Engineering Support, Aerial and Land Surveying, Environmental Oversight (CEQA/NEPA), Transportation and Traffic Management, IT Management and Telecommunication System Design for transportation and utility projects and Public Outreach for Minority Communities on large infrastructure projects.


VIRTEK Company is not a “pass through” company.

VIRTEK Company uses our experienced technical staff to meet our client’s needs to complete projects on time, within budget, and within scope.

We also employ qualified veterans and disabled veterans whenever possible on our projects.

Operating under the support and vision of our founder Mr. Virgal Woolfolk is 100% certified Disabled Veteran (USN, Ret.), VIRTEK Company family of divisions deliver core services that optimize efficiency, production and safety, while ensuring both high quality results and customer satisfaction.