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VIRTEK Company provides a wide range of transportation planning services, which includes traffic impact studies, parking studies, circulation studies, regional travel demand forecasting and public transportation review.

VIRTEK Company’s goal is to provide our clients with transportation and traffic engineering support services that meet or exceed industry standards but at reasonable cost ratio that includes one-to-one personal attention on every project. We are able to meet or exceed industry standards compared to other large engineering firms because VIRTEK’s overhead is less compared to a corporation with several big offices. But the services we provided may even excel corporation standards as we strive to make you a repeat customer. We at VIRTEK understand that the next job depends on our current quality services we provide.

VIRTEK Company’s also brings into play the federal highway standards and design criteria to assist our clients at the earliest stages of planning to establish a framework for development. At VIRTEK, we provide innovative alternatives and analysis to determine the best possible solution for planning projects at reasonable cost.  VIRTEK believes that a creative approach will lead to a successful project and works to develop solutions that are acceptable to all parties involved in planning stages of transportation projects.

VIRTEK’s staff includes former Caltrans professionals.  Our design group has experience with other engineering firms currently holding contracts with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), local planning municipalities and have experience in traffic engineering that include data collection, roadway geometric, spot speed studies, traffic safety studies, traffic accident analysis, traffic capacity calculations, traffic operations analyses, geometric design and traffic simulation analysis. VIRTEK also employs current standards, methodologies and software per Caltrans standards when conducting traffic capacity calculations and traffic operational analysis.  The Traffic Engineer Services provided include:

  • Traffic Operations

  • Intersection

  • Arterial capacity studies

  • Level of Service (LOS) Analysis

  • Transportation Corridor Planning

  • Traffic Simulation and Animation

  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Studies

  • Rail Studies

  • Traffic Impact Studies

  • Parking Survey Studies (supply and demand)

  • Survey and Data Collection

  • Review of Project Reports (EIR/PSR)

  • Transportation Design Support

  • Site Access Management, Design and Control

  • Transportation Management Plans

  • Goods and Movement Studies

  • Public Transportation / Transit Studies

  • Traffic Impact Fee

  • EIR/PSR Traffic Sections

  • Public Transportation / Transit Studies Development of Circulation Element

  • Fair Share Cost Estimation

Virtek Company
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