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VIRTEK Company provides Project Management, Aerial Surveying, Land Surveying, Land Use Planning, and Environmental Oversight review of Aerial and Land Planning in support of clients who demand a diversified, multidisciplinary approach to engineering projects. Our customer base includes many repeat private and public-sector clients, including multinational corporations and governmental agencies.

VIRTEK Company is a premier survey and mapping consulting firm. Equipped with both conventional and the latest digital surveying and mapping technology and supported by a dedicated taskforce of experts. We are currently performing assignments in all weather and terrain conditions. Capabilities include:

  • Topographic surveys

  • Hydrographic surveys

  • Engineering surveys

  • Transmission line surveys

  • Road and railway alignment surveys

  • City, county, state and federal surveys

  • Tunnel surveys

  • Pipe line route surveys

  • Water supply projects

  • Survey & infrastructure mapping

  • gency coordination

  • Project utility master planning

  • Property boundaries, land court, and title insurance

  • Storm water drainage surveys

  • Digital mapping

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Aerial Surveys

  • GIS Mapping

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Route surveys

  • Geotechnical evaluations

  • Foundation systems

  • Materials testing

  • Construction inspection

  • Site characterization

  • Redemption Plans

  • Water distribution and storage

  • Commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction

  • Utility construction & mapping, including subsurface investigation

  • Waste water collection

  • Waste Water Ponds and Systems

  • Hydrologic evaluations

  • Storm water management

  • Roadway corridor design

  • ADA Pavement design

  • Site development and grading design

  • Site plans

  • Drainage and flood control

  • Permit applications

  • Roadways, bridges and tunnels

  • Railroad and mass transit facilities

  • Hydrographic

Virtek Company
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