Environmental Oversight

VIRTEK believes that planning, surveying, project management and environmental oversight can and should pursue a greater purpose than simple functionality. Excellent design and planning can symbolically communicate values, goals and principles important to the design/build on infrastructure projects. With these principles in mind, we celebrate the unique spirit and soul of each project we undertake.”  Virgal Woolfolk


VIRTEK’s Environmental Management Division was designed to be an effective support mechanism to meet environmental policy commitments on projects ranging from highway design and construction or water and wastewater projects. The management and staff of VIRTEK have experience and the expertise for developing Environmental Management Programs (EMPs), to assist governmental agencies on various projects.

At VIRTEK Company, we pride ourselves on being only being the premier Disabled Veteran/Minority Business Enterprise, but a qualified environmental firm. The true measure of our expertise, however, is not just being a qualified environmental firm, but how effectively we translate that knowledge into practical results. VIRTEK Company can perform performs environmental oversight services for a number of our clients during various types of activities including air quality studies, biological review, and environmental justice issues. We will meet with the client, applicable permitting agencies, and private stakeholders to establish common objectives, goals, performance measures, and required outcomes. Depending on a project’s complexity, intermittent project progress meetings may be conducted at pre-determined milestones throughout the project’s duration to ensure compliance and a continued path towards the established goals.

Services Provided

Regulatory Support / Government Affairs Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Transportation and Transit Review and Reports Environmental Policy Analysis
Environmental Impact Reports Environmental Assessments Environmengtal Program Management Natural Resource Management
Air Quality Services Acoustical Analysis and Noise Studies CEQA/NEPA Compliance / Documentation Environmental Justice Issues
Cultural Resources Paleontologic Resources Biological Resources Revegetation / Habitat Restoration
Endangered Species Mitigation Monitoring Land Use Planning Stormwater Review